Hair analysis to find out your deficiencies

Designed in Switzerland

For more than 40 years, our laboratories have developed the research and development of therapeutic products.

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Why do a hair analysis?

Unlike blood which measures the extracellular concentration, hair analysis makes it possible to determine the intracellular concentration of mineral salts and trace elements.

The analysis makes it possible to recognize metabolic changes long before they manifest themselves as diseases.

Each unit essential oil is traced and has a certificate of analysis available to each user.

They trust us

The well-being

In its pure state

Plant formulas designed by our scientific manager for products that are good for your skin and our planet. Our goal is to provide a quality product that will keep the promises attributed to it on a given action. Essential oils, vegetable oils, room sprays and many others, all our products will keep their promises.


Our enterprise

We work here with the gifts of our Mother Earth! Whether with minerals or plants, all our raw materials come from what nature offers us. On the aroma side, these are certainly chemical molecules that we are talking about, but they are indeed natural and not synthetic aromatic molecules! Many people confuse the term chemical with synthetic. What a pity ! Sometimes it takes so many fresh plants to obtain a very small quantity of essential oils…

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