How to do a hair analysis?

Your hair is the mirror of your health.

Nowadays, stress, pollution and dietary imbalance are all factors that cause numerous deficiencies and imbalances. Unlike blood, hair is an inert and chemically homogeneous substance that reflects the average concentration of trace elements over the past few months. Hair analysis is a simple and reliable method for obtaining a personalized assessment of mineral deficiencies, excesses or heavy metal poisoning.


Why do a hair analysis?

Hair is a very slow growing tissue which reflects the results of recent months. Mineral analysis is the method of choice for indicating nutritional status and for detecting mineral balance disorders. The assessment is best carried out on the hair, because the blood is only a pale reflection of the tissue concentrations.

Hair mineral analysis is a reliable screening method for detecting heavy metal loads. It allows the monitoring of pathologies and their treatment.

Hair analysis allows us to establish the balance sheet which will indicate the regulation of values ​​(high or low) by providing valuable information on the way in which our body manages these vital elements.

An imbalance is often not characterized by easily recognizable symptoms.

Unlike blood which measures the extracellular concentration, hair analysis makes it possible to determine the intracellular concentration of mineral salts and trace elements. The analysis makes it possible to recognize metabolic changes long before they manifest themselves as diseases.

In addition, this analysis will detect possible heavy metal loads. We know how much these metals disrupt our metabolism, it is valuable to highlight them.

Based on the results of this analysis, your health advisor will direct you appropriately.




How much does a hair analysis cost?

You can order a hair analysis directly from the Oligopharm laboratory.

  • The price is 99 CHF for 1 analysis.
  • The time to obtain results once the hair is received is approximately 2 weeks.

This analysis report must be interpreted by a health professional. We also recommend that you contact your pharmacist, druggist or naturopath for personalized advice.


How to proceed with the collection?

For a good quality analysis, it is very important that the sampling is carried out correctly:

  • Cut 3 sections of hair (about 1 tablespoon) at the root, in 3 places in the occipital region.
  • Their length should be 3 to 4 centimeters.
  • If your hair is very short, bristles are also suitable.
  • This hair is sent to an ISO certified laboratory.
  • Within 15 days you will receive your personal results and the findings made. By going through your pharmacy or drugstore, you can also obtain advice and recommendations for 2 vials of trace elements adapted to the results of your analysis.

You are advised to carry out a new analysis after a year to observe the evolution of your condition.

At Oligosan, you can order your hair analysis simply. The analyzes are carried out in our laboratories in Switzerland.