Hair analysis
Hair analysis

Hair analysis

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Hair being a very slow-growing tissue, it has the power to report the results of the last few months in terms of your health. Its mineral analysis is the best method for understanding mineral balance disorders, and detecting imbalances which are often not characterized by easily recognizable symptoms.

Blood analysis measures the current extracellular concentration while hair analysis reflects the average intracellular concentration of mineral salts and trace elements over several weeks or months. We can therefore supplement the precise and timely information of a blood test with the more global vision of a hair analysis. This intracellular analysis makes it possible to recognize metabolic modifications well before they manifest themselves as diseases. This analysis also makes it possible to detect possible heavy metal loads. We know how much these metals disrupt our metabolism, so it is valuable to highlight them.

Based on the results of this analysis, your health advisor will direct you appropriately.

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Tailor-made preparation

The Laboratories specializing in Oligotherapy, offer to analyze your hair to carry out a mineral assessment, in order to know your deficiencies and your excesses, detect the presence of heavy metals, in order to make one or more tailor-made mixtures aimed at rebalancing your body.

How to proceed with the collection?

For a good quality analysis, it is very important that the sample is carried out correctly:

  • Cut 3 strands of hair (approximately 1 tablespoon) at the root, in 3 places of the occipital region.
  • Their length should be 3 to 4 centimeters.
  • If your hair is very short, bristles are also suitable.
  • This hair are sent to an ISO certified laboratory.


Within 15 days you will receive your personal results and the findings made. By going through your pharmacy or drugstore, you can also obtain advice and recommendations for 2 vials of trace elements adapted to the results of your analysis.

You are advised to carry out a new analysis after one year to observe the evolution of your hair assessment.

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This analysis is more than a simple physical observation of the hair or the bulb, it consists of a complex chemical laboratory analysis. The hair being removed, weighed, cleaned, dried and weighed again. Each sample must be dissolved in an acid solution and heated to high temperature to allow mineral analysis. The liquid obtained is then analyzed with very high precision technology (ICP-MS).

It is therefore an analysis that takes time and this is why the time taken to receive the results and of their interpretation is around fifteen days. Each assessment is interpreted by a specialist, then the cures prepared individually.

The point is to carry out a mineral assessment, an inventory: what are my deficiencies? What are my excesses? Do I have heavy metals in my body that are in unusual concentrations? Some people carry out these analyzes to check the concentration of lead, mercury or aluminum, these heavy metals present in our environment which unfortunately can! store.

But in the majority of cases, people mainly want to know if they have any deficiencies. It is true that even if, at present, people mostly eat their fill in Western countries, the lifestyle (stress, hectic pace of life, meals on the go, pre-prepared and industrial food ) easily leads us to eat quickly and poorly, and sometimes insufficiently with regard to the essential elements of our body.

Unlike blood sampling, which requires a visit to the laboratory or doctor's office, hair sampling is very easy to do and can be done at home. It is painless, as it does not require the hair bulb, and it can be sent by mail. This sampling is therefore very simple.

So, you need:

  • 5 minutes of your time
  • A clean pair of scissors
  • A clean container to put your hair in (a minigrip bag or, better, a paper envelope)
  • To fill out the questionnaire (which you will find on our website) to allow us to precisely interpret the mineral balance and then prepare the trace element mixtures

Cut the hair as close as possible to the scalp to a length of 3 to 5 cm (maximum 10 cm). Take a quantity of three to five grams, which represents a large tablespoon.

An alternative way to know if the quantity of hair collected is sufficient is to open your hand and cover completely with it. (the surface of the palm).

If you have long hair, it is best not to incorporate the ends because the ends of long hair are less interesting. The goal is to do a mineral assessment, at the moment, the hair growing regularly, by analyzing the first three to five centimeters, we have an average of the mineral fluctuations over the few months preceding the analysis.

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