Black KWIK diffuser

Black KWIK diffuser

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When I was little, I hid everywhere. Yet everyone is looking for me. I diffuse a subtle scent. At the office I attract colleagues. Who smells so good? It's me, I'm KWIK! In black or gray, very discreet, my fumes attract attention.

Pickup available at Route de Montheron 8 A Usually ready in 24 hours

Black KWIK diffuser

Route de Montheron 8 A

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

Route de Montheron 8 A
1053 Cugy

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For 40 years, our laboratories have developed research and development of therapeutic products.

Diffusion acts through the effect of ultrasonic waves on a solution of water and essential oils. A cold, aromatic mist disperses essential oils into millions of particles. Their virtues thus optimized are absorbed by the respiratory tract. The action is therefore optimal. It can be odorous or with specific effects sought. The range of mixes to diffuse allows you to choose.

-Air purification. – Minimal humidification of the atmosphere. – Dispersion of pleasant fragrances – Luminous decoration. Suitable for all living spaces, conference rooms, hotels, nightclubs, beauty salons, fitness rooms, etc. Up to 4 hours of broadcasting are thus ensured.