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Heavy legs, water retention or cellulite?

For all of these situations and more, manual lymphatic drainage is an excellent option. Here are the benefits of this massage technique intended to promote the circulation of lymph in your body.

The benefits of manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle massage technique

This massage helps stimulate and revive lymphatic circulation. It is practiced by masseurs and physiotherapists. It is recognized for its many benefits. The basics of this technique were formulated at the beginning of the 20th century by Astrid and Emil Vodder.

But what is lymph?

Blood is not the only fluid that circulates in our body. Lymphatic circulation is a real sanitation system for our body. Filtered by the lymph nodes, this colorless liquid helps eliminate waste present in our body. When it stagnates, the lymph can cause various problems: heavy legs, swelling, the appearance of cellulite. Manual lymphatic drainage is therefore a real detox massage.

How does this massage take place to obtain drainage?

The Vodder method recommends a gentle massage, with a circular and rhythmic gesture which follows the direction of lymphatic circulation along the body. The movements performed imitate the movement of a pump in order to compensate for the deficiency of the lymphatic vessels. Initially gentle, the pressure exerted gradually increases and decreases during the session.

Later, the Leduc technique is not only manual. It involves the use of pressotherapy devices , particularly for the legs. Compression boots and other accessories (sleeves and abdominal belt) allow you to exert pressure simultaneously on several places on the body. This movement reproduces the pulsations of the muscles and blood vessels that normally circulate lymph.

The 8 health concerns that manual lymphatic drainage can relieve:

The three liters of lymph which travel through our body filter our cellular waste, but can also destroy the pathogens encountered. This liquid has a composition close to blood and contains lymphocytes! Good lymphatic circulation therefore has many virtues. Here are the cases for which a manual lymphatic drainage treatment is recommended:

  • To eliminate lymphedema more quickly, such as that following breast cancer surgery.
  • To remedy water retention: manual lymphatic drainage is effective in combating tissue engorgement.
  • To relieve the symptom of heavy legs and pain caused by varicose veins: this type of massage relieves veno-lymphatic insufficiency.
  • For patients with fibromyalgia: lymphatic drainage helps reduce the pain of certain patients, but also reduces their level of fatigue and anxiety.
  • To eliminate cellulite, particularly aqueous cellulite, since lymphatic drainage helps to absorb water retention.
  • To refine and firm the skin: these massages help avoid tissue congestion. By restarting the circulation of stagnant fluids and eliminating cellulite, you can gain a few centimeters.
  • During pregnancy, particularly to relieve heavy legs and avoid water retention.
  • To accelerate healing, since lymphatic drainage accelerates tissue regeneration
  1. contraindications for this technique

For some patients, manual lymphatic drainage is completely prohibited. This is particularly the case if you suffer from an acute infection, tuberculosis or if a malignant tumor has been identified in your body. In other cases, you should seek advice from your doctor: if you suffer from heart or kidney failure, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism or asthma for example